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Zhongshan Hospital ,a Budget Management Unit under the National Health and Family Planning Commission, is a comprehensive teaching hospital affiliated to Fudan University. Founded in 1937, the hospital was the first large-scale general hospital managed by Chinese people. Previously affiliated to Shanghai Medical College, the hospital was first named Sun Zhongshan Memorial Hospital to commemorate the pioneer of Chinese democratic revolutionist Mr. Sun Yat-sen. Later it was renamed Zhongshan Hospital. The hospital has been called Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Shanghai First Medical College and Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Medical University in post-liberation China. It started to use its current name from 2001. In December 1991, Zhongshan Hospital was approved by the Ministry of Health as one of the first top tertiary hospitals in Shanghai. With nearly 80 years’ development, the headquarter of Zhongshan Hospital now covers an area of 96,501.6 square meters, whi...